Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hey WVU, welcome to SPICE 2014!

A view of downtown Erfurt, Germany from the central Domplatz.
Erfurt is the site of the 2014 SPICE program. 
Greetings readers! This is the official web log (blog, to the initiated)  for the West Virginia University Summer 2014 Seminar in German Culture and Communication. As part of the Universitat Erfurt's Summer Program in Communication at Erfurt (SPICE), a group of eight WVU undergraduates have been invited to study many aspects of human communication and media in the heart of Germany.This is the third year that WVU has been officially involved with SPICE - in those three years, nearly two dozen Mountaineers have had the opportunity to explore many deeper areas of Communication Studies while living and playing in the heart of Germany.

For 2014, each student has been given their own personal page on this blog, which they will update throughout the semester. You can read their entries by selecting their name from the menu above. The 2014 SPICE students from WVU are:
Students in SPICE receive nine credit hours by participating in two of three main content courses, including a course in Media Psychology led by Dr. Nick Bowman (that's me) of West Virginia University, a course in Global and International Public Relations led by Dr. Katerina Tsetsura of the University of Oklahoma, and a course in Communication Ethics led by Dr. Scott Stroud of the University of Texas (more on each course, including syllabi, can be found here). In addition to these two content courses, all WVU students will be taking a special discussion course that focuses specifically on German Culture and Communication - hence, this blog.

This blog will be used as a repository for the WVU students to reflect and share their thoughts on the intersection of their culture and that of their host institution, city, region and nation. Each student has been given their own "page" in the blog where they will be asked to journal about the Study Abroad trip, and we invite you to read and comment on their postings. This project is part of their German Culture and Communication course.

As with any blog, this is a live and organic space to share experience, and we encourage you to read and comment often. Otherwise, wish us well and we will see you in the blogosphere! You're also welcome to visit past WVU SPICE blogs here (for 2012) and here (for 2013).

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